Data Visualization

Data Visualization

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For each granule of most GPM standard products, PPS generates a PNG image that shows one variable (usually surface-precipitation rate) on a map of the earth.

The browse image is generated automatically shortly after the input granule is generated.

This PNG image is displayed by STORM to help researchers to pick which granules to order.

Data Viewer: Description

THOR (the Tool for High-resolution Observation Review) is a data viewer for TRMM, and now GPM.

THOR is used by…
…PPS Analysts to examine test and operational versions of PPS data products
…PPS TKIO developers when testing the toolkit
…Researchers when taking a first look at a PPS data file

Data Viewer: Status

You can download the desktop version of THOR for Windows, Mac, and Linux. PPS also provides a “lite” version of THOR that runs in your web browser.

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THOR (the Tool for High-resolution Observation Review) Data Viewer